Discovering Your Dream Clients

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New for 2024!

The fastest path to online success is to have a complete understanding of who your dream clients are, what problems they have and how you can engage the or advertise to them. The eBook, "Discovering Your Dream Clients: How Knowing Your Target Personas Attracts Clients and Improves Website Conversions" helps you identify your best opportunities. A checklist and a downloadable editable questionnaire are included.

You need a plan to follow and Discovering Your Dream Clients guides you through the process allowing you to focus on success.

It explains what a Target Persona is and helps you decide what questions to ask by showing you examples of different personas in different businesses.

You'll get questions to ask about your goals and brand.

You'll get the link to download the Dream Client Workbook. It will guide you to determine your dream client's...

  • Attributes & Needs
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Solutions & Benefits You Provide
  • Specific Actions You Want Them to Take
  • Where Do They Hang Out So You Can Engage Them?
  • What Kind of Information Do They Consume?
  • Where Are They in The Sales Funnel?

So that you can create your Action Plan and Strategy.

You'll do an easy competitor analysis by answering easy questions. Analyze their strengths and weaknesses to give yourself a competitive advantage.

Ultimately, you will map out your dream client's buyers journey and make it easy for them to do business with you!

I've been building and marketing successful websites for 25+ years. I'm a consultant and speaker, a mentor and coach, My book and workbook puts you on the fast track to online success!

Get the eBook and the Workbook and Discover Your Dream Clients today!

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You'll get the eBook and the fill-in-the-blanks Workbook to guide you to online success!

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Discovering Your Dream Clients

0 ratings
I want this!